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Emojis And Email Marketing

By kls-automation

Emojis and Email Marketing

Emails are boring. They are wordy, serious and painful to read. But do they have to be? Does every email you get have to be so formal and filled with lugubrious words painstakingly picked from a thesaurus?

Sure, if it is a work email it probably has to be (or does it?), but there really is no reason for marketing emails to be stuffy and dull. Or at least that is what the latest research reveals.

Email marketing works best when it doesn’t feel like marketing. Consumers like the information they feel is relevant and beneficial to them, because they will actually enjoy the goods or services they are going to buy, not because the company will make a profit. It has to be natural, genuine and appealing.

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Are Your Emails Being Delivered?

By kls-automation

Getting Your Message to the Inbox: It Takes More Than Hitting Send

When it comes to email marketing, a lot of business leaders ignore one facet of their campaigns that is crucial to success.

Perhaps you have a polished subject line, strong links, and a message that’s engaging. But have you taken steps to pave the way for your emails to be delivered? Fifteen percent of emails don’t make it to inboxes, according to the latest figures—which means this is an issue that business leaders can’t ignore

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