Our Solutions

Customer Relationship Management

Automating the customer lifecycle is a critical component of successful marketing and business operations. Understanding where each of your contacts are at each stage of the lifecycle and how to optimise their success allows you to continue the marketing automation strategy.

We help our clients to work smarter by setting them up for success.  

KLS has been helping clients work smarter for eight years, introducing them to the right tools to help them achieve their goals. Customer relationship management systems, more commonly known as CRMs, are powerful tools and when matched with automation technology, can seamlessly help you grow. 

CRM and Automation practices have many benefits including:

  • Sync with your customer lifecycle
  • Increase customer engagement 
  • Improve business efficiency
  • Create more time in your day
  • Maintaining all your information in one central location 
  • And most importantly start delivering you good data

With these benefits, it can lift you and your team out from the routine work to focus on the larger businesses goals ad strategies to reach the. 

But with all our KLS services, it’s not a one size fits all. We will starting with asking why, so we can better understand your needs and help you work smarter.

Project Management

Utilising the right tool to manage your clients and team is a critical component of your business. Get complete clarity with your project management system with a platform built for client work. Use one system to manage your team, projects and clients in one place. 

You may think that your CRM does that. But you would be wrong. A CRM is best for managing your customer lifecycle but when you have projects on the go and your team managing those projects, tracking hours, uploading documents, sharing timelines, it’s best to use a project management system for that. 

Business Intelligence

When building metrics we can integrate with whichever systems you currently use and display the metrics on our preferred platforms. These metrics can be distributed to those that require the data or provide data for live distribution on dashboards in the office. 

Often we find our clients flicking from application to application trying to discern how their business looks. 

Valuable data is stored across applications. For example, we could pull in data from Google Analytics, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Xero, Teamwork Projects and Infusionsoft. 

We take this data and display metrics about your business that tell a story. This way our clients can see, LIVE and in one place, what is currently happening in their business. 

We're then able to monitor and make recommendations based on the live feed and monthly reports.

Report and grow

Our goal is to help you grow faster, and we’re here to grow with you. 

We don’t believe in set and forget. 

With the right data, you can start to make fast data driven decisions to set your company apart from the competition. But to ensure you are maximising your CRM, automation processes and data insights, KLS provides ongoing professional and personalised management to help you reach your business goals. 

KLS expert advice will help you to: 

  • deliver better services

  • create stronger customer connections 

  • find new opportunities. 

Our focus is your growth.