The KLS Way

Our Story

Helping our clients to work smarter, decide better and grow faster is what we do. Providing advice around how to best use the best tools for spotting new opportunities, operating more efficiently and communicating with customers more effectively is how we do it.

KLS Services was founded to help medium sized businesses realise the potential of technology. For us, it’s about ‘keeping life simple’ because when businesses are free to do less, we believe they can do more. It’s a philosophy not only central to the work we do, but the benefits CRM, automation and business intelligence solutions provide.

These tools, without doubt, make life simpler - but it’s not always simple to begin. Legacy systems get in the way, manual spreadsheets make life tricky, evolving practices add further complexity and unprecedented choice presents a challenge too.

That’s why we’re passionate about helping businesses to remove the guess work. And it’s why we’re big on turning the possibilities these technologies provide into real value.

At KLS, we’ve been busy helping busy business owners, marketers and administrators do just that for more than eight years.

How can we help your business?

If you have multiple databases of clients, contacts and projects but aren't sure where to start we have much we can offer you. Let's get started.