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There are literally thousands of ways that Infusionsoft - Customer Relationship Management system can be configured to suit businesses of any type, from small and medium business, through to large corporates. This can be a two-edged sword for a Small Medium Enterprise.

For those starting out, the choices can be overwhelming, especially with little or no experience in what a CRM can do. But as you gain experience, the opportunity to uncover and include other features that can help your business is enormous.

Infusionsoft helps to overcome the initial challenges, and in time, unlock the future potential of how marketing and business automation can contribute to the ongoing success of your business.

Infusionsoft from our experience, represents best practice for businesses in the areas of sales, customer care, marketing and post-sale job tracking.

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What is Keap?

We ask you a series of questions about your business and how you work, so we can tailor your solution to suit you. They’re not hard questions, but they’re designed to tease out the important factors that will mean your CRM adds value immediately. For example, we ask you:

•The types of organisations and people you do business with

•How you might classify and categorise your customers

•What data is important to capture during interactions

•How you would progress sales activities through your business, etc.

Then we customise your CRM accordingly. Of course, over time you will want to continue to change and adapt your CRM to suit your changing needs. We can help with that too.

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Keap is one of the most feature rich and scalable CRM solutions in the market. It can provide all the advantages of a powerful and proven CRM solution, without the cost and lengthy process of enterprise level customisation.

Keap has identified what a typical small to medium business needs to manage sales, cases and marketing, and have pre-customised these features in a baseline configuration.

But it can't end there.

To make Keap suit your unique business and set you up for success, some additional customisations are needed.

83% of users say that Keap helps their business be more responsive to leads and customers

85% of users say that Keap makes it easier to track and follow up with leads. 

84% of users saw an increase in customers after using Keap

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