Business Automation

Business Automation


Business Automation

Implementing your business systems can be risky and costly, but it doesn’t have to be. When it’s done right, it can take your business to another level. We at KLS Services utilise a range of business clouds solutions to help you simplify processes.

Our team of professionals have years of experience with operational concerns, technology, and business processes. KLS Services has the solutions to help free up more time and move your business forward.

Make Your Applications Talk to Save Your Time

There are thousands of business applications out there. But do they talk to each other or are you double handling information? Does your CRM issue an invoice from your account software once a customer has converted? Does your appointment scheduling software pass information to your CRM? Does your team know what customer needs a job done and the customer know it is being completed?

Get you and your staff organised
By utilising links between applications we can set tasks for staff members and manage projects. Whether this be for sales or for job management.
Automate repetitive tasks
Stop wasting time moving information around or filling in documents. If you’re sending information to your customers make sure it comes back in the format you need to proceed and not have to change it.
Minimise costs and manual errors
People make mistakes. We can’t help it. Automate what needs to be changed and updated to save time and money.
Enforce accountability
Not sure who should be doing what job? Make sure your team is allocated the jobs and tasks that apply to them so there is no guessing and back and forth with long email chains.

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